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Therapy for Individuals,Couples, & Families
Men Therapy Session

Individual Therapy

Individual Counseling for Women

 As a woman, you have many roles in life. You love those roles, but, wow, they can be overwhelming!  Anxiety hits or worse, depression sets in.  And maybe relationships are not what they used to be.  You feel disconnected and frazzled and wonder where the "You" went that you used to know.   I have every confidence you can find your way back to a balanced you - less scattered and stressed and more connected to yourself and those important to you.  You can have the life you deserve.

Individual Counseling for Men

Men, are you struggling to make sense of the relationships in your life?  Not sure how to meet your wife's or your children's needs?  Are you seeking a connectedness but are struggling to have it take hold? Maybe you are looking for more meaning in life now that you are getting older, and finding the old ways aren't serving you any more.  Individual counseling can help you to know yourself better, and connect with those that you love in a more meaningful way.