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Therapy for Individuals,Couples, & Families
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Child & Teen Therapy


Older Children/Pre-teens

While younger children may not have the language to talk about what is bothering them, older children (age 10-12) are learning to be in touch with what thoughts and feelings they have.  With a combination of activities and talking, we can help them to communicate their feelings, learn to manage emotions,  learn new skills such as managing conflict, talk about divorce or bullying or learn strategies to communicate with friends, teachers, and parents.  Also understanding more about learning differences, giftedness, ADHD, and anxiety can be helpful.


For teens age 13-18, having a safe place to talk about any issue can be helpful.  Teens want to be more independent from parents, yet that independence can be confusing for both parent and child.  Therapy can help with sorting out thoughts and feelings, learning new social skills, understanding emerging parts of their identity, self esteem, getting strategies to help with anxiety, depression, or ADHD, and much more.  This is also a time for parents to gather additional resources and support if needed.

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