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Uncertain Times

In line with my mission to provide any support I can right now during this pandemic, I put together some resources that can help us cope with what is facing us individually.  Each of our situations is unique to us, whether we have elderly parents we are worried about, have autoimmune conditions or medical challenges, or live with someone who does, are fighting CoVid-19 ourselves, or know someone who is, or were laid off from our job and are trying to determine how to keep our home or apartment and feed our family -- each of our lives is being challenged in ways that we never thought possible.

You are intelligent individuals who I know are capable of finding the resources you need.  But if this helps in any way to summarize or give you a simple, curated place to check-in and get some tips and support...perfect.  Feedback is welcome.  *This webpage is a work-in-progress and will be reviewed and updated daily for relevance.

  • CDC Guidelines for Parents Communicating with Children about the CoVid-19 virus - click here.


  • Home with Teens -- how do we converse with our teens who are used to and needing social interaction?  


  • Home with non-neurotypical kids -- If we are now spending more time at home with our kids, extra time and attention will be needed for non-neurotypical kids. These kids might have more challenges with boredom, focus and attention with online learning, hyperactivity, overstimulation with more people in the home, motivation, sensitivities and not wanting to follow a schedule imposed by you as the parent.  

Other Resources: 


Adult ADHD - how do I get things done?  Many online resources are helping adults by hosting seminars offering tips or even having “work sessions” to get things accomplished. Here are a few:


Spirituality, Self Care, Mindfulness, and Self Regulation 

  • The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reminds us to disconnect or "take a time out." In these uncertain times, and a virus spreading rapidly, yes, we need to stay informed.  In addition, give yourself time each day to unplug, go for a walk, and hug a loved one at home.  Our mental health is important.  Here are additional tips.
  • Get support from friends, family, neighbors.  We are wired for connection. Self isolation physically does not have to mean emotionally.  Reach out via phone or video chat and share, connect, LOVE one another!  
  • Melody Ross -- Melody will help you connect with your soul through her Soul School, Soul Restoration program, and Blog. Get these nuggets in your email box everyday--you will thank me!


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